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Wonder Woman v4 #2 - “Home”

written by Brian Azzarello
art by Cliff Chiang


Catwoman v3 #82 cover by Adam Hughes  

some of my favorite faces from Injustice: Gods Among Us

Harley Quinn #2 - “A Heart Broken in Two!”

written by Karl Kesel
art by Terry & Rachel Dodson


Catwoman v3 #64 cover by Adam Hughes

Young Avengers #14 - “Resolution I”

written by Kieron Gillen
art by Christian Ward


Catwoman v2 # 17 - "Thief of Paris"
by Jim Balent (pencil) & Bob Smith (ink)


Catwoman: When in Rome #2 - "Tuesday" 
by Tim Sale

Anonymous asked:
So I'm in this debate with this dude about Shailene Woodley as Mary Jane Watson he thinks she wouldn't have been bad but I hate it and I was just wondering, what is opinion on it?

hmm I don’t know, I haven’t seen her in anything so I can’t really speak to whether or not I think she’s be good for the role but at least for me I don’t think she has the right look, I always though Emma Stone would be great as Mary Jane because in MJ’s first appearance she was this hip teen that spoke in a strange mix of jive and beat movement hipster that did not age well at all and I think Stone would be able to play it as hip and ironic and she’s also got the look


Catwoman v2 #24 - "Family Ties III"
by Jim Balent (pencil) & Bob Smith (ink)